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When People teams care about people and teams...

Do you want to learn more about vacant positions before the interview? Will it save your time if you get an insight into the team’s work before receiving the job offer? Will you feel more confident about the position if you read not a short job description but a detailed explanation about the function from the line manager? I am sure you will!

Exness hires a lot everywhere and therefore, I would like to share some ideas on how we work in our team internally and what our values are. It is always hard to make a choice of your future employer when all the companies are advertising themselves in a similar way as “innovative, creative, dynamic”, and whatever-they-are in their job ads. So, honesty and openness will help me here to give you more insights about the Exness People teams.

TA team in Cyprus

In 2021, we made a choice to change the vision and our proposition from the HR team to People Care and People Development. Employees are no longer “resources” of companies, they are real people with real feelings and real lives. They do not want to be measured, controlled, planned, or released. They want to be treated with respect and empathy, they want to develop, progress, and help companies grow and they need a bit of human care from their employers. So, we are People teams who are caring for people in Exness.

My HR philosophy

Every team is defined by the beliefs and behavior of its leader who acts as a role model for all team members. My work is an integral part of my life if I really love it (both of them, my life and my work). I am convinced that we all can make conscious choices in our careers: to perform well and manage ourselves in case of crises or blame others and be a passive passenger of our own career. I am usually tough on myself and my team members: every choice has consequences, and we are responsible for them, so we should be very careful with what we do, especially working with people.

Many years ago I was doubting if HR should be human-oriented or business-oriented, today I know that this dilemma does not exist in great companies. We deliver business being humans, and HR systems should support it by making the right decisions and balancing the risks. If we add a bit of care and love to the employees, the organization will become better, not worse. However, for sure, no company should tolerate bad performance and gross misconduct: actions should be immediate and clear. Being an adult means having responsibilities as well.

I like people who are willing to go the extra mile, and we allow them a bit more than others and give them the freedom to act. Personally, I may tend to over-control things when I am stressed about deadlines or high-level priorities (but eventually, we are all human, right?).

And what is more important: I love working with people who are passionate about their jobs. It is usually visible even during the interviews and later during the first months at work. We keep these people as much as we can - they are building Exness now, and our goal is to have as many diligent people as possible.

About our team

People teams are more than 50 employees in two main directions: People Care who are ensuring that employees have the best experience with Exness while working and delivering results, and People Development who are building future capabilities of Exness: expertise, skills, and stable structures. We have local HRBPs, HR Operations, a very diverse Talent Acquisition team, Office Administration, Learning & Development and many others who are working together on a variety of tasks. Each team usually has a team leader or head who is responsible for a specific area of our work.

We have a strategy with a number of initiatives in the area of expertise acquisition, leadership development, culture, internal communications and employee support. Each initiative is led by a specific owner who is driving it jointly with me. We collaborate via corporate messenger and by having regular catch-ups and meetings, where we share news and progress on the projects.

Do we have conflicts? Yes, we do! Someone does not agree with some approach or feel ignored as we might forget to update them in time, or some personal disagreements or new employees may not know some things and make mistakes. We have all this, and it is my job to facilitate, make proper judgments and make people work together instead of disconnecting them.

How we work

In 2018 HR team was only forming in Exness, but in 2021 we have many things to be proud of:

  • Semi-annual performance management system with a focus on feedback and development; audited on a regular basis with the KPI that 90% of employees are to have 1-1s.
  • Engagement survey with 90+% participation rate and 4.2 or more engagement rate using 1-5 scale.
  • Regular team meetings in HR, 1-1s, development sessions, external trainings and online learning.
  • Global Confluence knowledge base with policies and procedures, HR service desk, basic HRIS and automation tools.

We still can do more in automation and simplification of our own work, however, we value human touch more than sophisticated procedures.

Whom do we need?

Our teams are still in the process of forming, storming, and norming, so we have a number of open positions we want to fill. For all the teams we are looking for experienced and passionate people with expertise in the respective area: headhunting, leadership development, internal communications. We need fluent English speakers, as the team is very diverse and almost all the communication is done in English. Most of the positions require relocation to Cyprus or South Asia, however, our TA team (recruiters) are working remotely as well.

  • Due to the tremendous growth of the company we need few TA specialists to drive hiring processes for Technology and Corporate functions. We need 2-3 years of high-volume hiring in high-tech or fin-tech companies and a passion for recruitment and direct search. We pay very good bonuses for hiring which may double your total income if you overperform. Carolina & Sofia are the best people to start the chat about the positions.
  • We build global learning & development function, so we need experts in building management and professional skills development. By experts we mean people who can energize by example, have systemic views on the development, and share the principles of andragogy at work. Our audience is very demanding, so they will trust only those who have really great experience.
  • For extensive internal communications with the employees we need Internal Comms Partners and the word “partner” is the key. We need a professional in comms who will understand and drive the business communications agenda (not just own projects which may be interesting but less demanded) and be great in copywriting.
  • And the last - we are always open to considering skilled candidates for future perspectives, new roles in our People teams may appear tomorrow or in 4-5 months but we can start talking today. And then you will be the first candidate to be hired.

I hope my thoughts were interesting (and honest) to you. I love my job and want to share my passion for people with others!